The Satanic Coloring Book!

The AMAZING Jason Lenox stops by Satanic Study Hall to tell us all about his latest project: The Satanic Coloring Book Volumes 1 & 2

A Satanic Coloring Book? YUP! Join Bill, Veronica, and Sean as we sit down with artist Jason Lenox who created the soon-to-be-released Satanic Coloring Books Volume 1 & 2! We get to know all about Jason and his impressive artistic background as we talk about how the coloring books came to be, what inspired them, and how you can be one of the first heathens to get your hands on them and support such a kick-ass community-driven project! Check Jason Lenox and his work out at the following links: The Satanic Coloring Book - Volumes 1 & 2 by Jason Lenox — Kickstarter

@Lenoxartist on Twitter and Instagram

Listen to the episode here:

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