Meet: Johnny Voorhees

Updated: Jun 1

Satanist Study Hall's resident Metal Head and Life Coach.

My name is Johnny Voorhees. I am one of the rotating bench of Satanists that make up Satanic Study Hall. I also do music reviews for the podcast and have my own minisode series "Johnny Voorhees: Life Coach." I am a lover of music and it has always been my escape from reality. I listen to all kinds, from Beethoven to Cannibal Corpse and everything in-between. I play drums in a heavy metal band called Syberia and our song "Contradiction" was Satanic Study Hall's intro for earlier episodes. I also love horror movies, comics, serial killers, boobs and beer (not particularly in that order). During my time with Satanic Study Hall, I have absolutely become more open when it comes to discussing personal issues. I have come to embrace everything Satanism has to offer and I am always learning more with every episode we put out. I am so grateful to have been part of this podcast and to have made such a deep and personal relationship with my cohosts. They are a special group of people and I love them all dearly. Also, to everyone who supports the podcast, I toast my can of Miller High Life in your direction. I love you all as well. In closing, I would just like to say Ave Satanas and of course FUCK PEARL JAM!

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