A Personal Journey

Growing and developing as a human being and a Satanist isn't simply done by gettin learnt from books. Some of the most important growth moments on our paths to becoming our most authentic selves occur when we start sharing and learning from other like minded people's experiences.

This week on Satanic Study Hall, join Bill Rohrer and Dennis Krewson as we get to know Satanic Temple member and Podcast supporter, Aly Garcia. Aly takes us on a personal journey detailing her background and battles with depression and personal demons- and how she pulled through to become the woman she is today.

We explore a list from Ranker.com about 20 things you may not know about Satanism and dive into two songs by recording artist Mass of Man which focus on depression and bullying- "Fallen Angel" and "Victims"

**WARNING** This episode may potentially trigger seizures for people with audiosensitive epilepsy through use of certain sound effects. Listener discretion is advised.

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Ave Satanas!

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